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Oracle to Join the Cloud Crowd?

Larry and the Sun Oracle Challenge

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Yesterday I recommended that Larry Ellison read Marc Benioff’s book. It seems that he did. #Nextslide.

Here’s a summary of the Oracle Public Cloud and the Oracle Social Network – clearly ZDNET is not impressed!

And here’s how @benioff replied on Twitter. #Nextslide.





RIP Steve Jobs.  A true legend. A great loss.


Did Larry Ellison Forget to Read @Benioff’s Book?

I’ve been attending Oracle Open World all week and tracking the hashtag #oow11 on Twitter and I have to say both pale in comparison to Dreamforce 2011 in terms of energy, excitement and buzz. Until last night, when Marc Benioff tweeted that Larry had cancelled his keynote. The gloves came off and the tweet stream came alive.

Yes, the irony of student becoming teacher has not gone unnoticed in the twittersphere/blogosphere (or whatever the kids are calling it these days).

Yes, Salesforce runs on Oracle’s database, but in the direct CRM and PaaS channel, the two companies are direct competitors.

All Larry Ellison had to do was pick up Benioff’s book – Behind the Cloud and he would have noted Play #22 (and subsequently #23 and #24). It outlines many of the tactics deployed to successfully win the battle against Siebel back in the day (before they were acquired by Oracle). Going beyond the well-publicized protests (which he has also organized today), Benioff:

“Ran an ad against Seibel with a “Don’t get bullied” theme with a boy writing on the chalkboard, “I will not give my lunch money to Siebel” and “I will not spend my summer vacation installing Siebel.”

In the book he recommends that you, “Hit balls over the net to your competitors. By Siebel acknowledging, they legitimized them.  The tail wagged the dog.”

Well it appears today that the dog is once again being wagged.

Check out how @benioff has dealt with the cancellation on Twitter – his keynote could still trump Oracle’s cloud session later in the day. Well played, sir!

You can watch Marc Benioff’s keynote live from the hotel next door or follow the streaming video here. As he says, The Cloud Must Go On!

Your move Larry…

Congratulations to AppExchange – 1 Million Apps Installed

appexchange installsThere doesn’t seem to be a press release, but lots of buzz on Twitter and a new banner on the website promoting the fact that the AppExchange has reached the 1 million install milestone. As an early member of the AppExchange team and as a Salesforce customer and partner, I’d like to pass along my congratulations. The AppExchange is a key element of the overall Salesforce experience and represents outstanding cloud computing innovation as well as a very healthy partner ecosystem.

And did you know that a cloud integration application is the most popular all-time free AppExchange app? Yes, it’s true! Here’s the top 5:

  1. Informatica Cloud Data Loader
  2. InsideView
  3. Project and Issue Management ( Labs)
  4. Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboards ( Labs)
  5. Mail Drop ( Labs)
And the the most popular all-time paid apps, you ask? #1 is VerticalResponse – here’s the list.

CIO Insight: Top IT Applications in 2012 and Beyond

CIO Insight published a great slideshow overview today on  application adoption trends over the next 12 months. I’d embed if if I could figure out out. Here’s a brief summary:

Top 5 apps to be integrated:

  1. Business intelligence/analytics (39%)
  2. Productivity/collaboration (36%)
  3. Sales (34%)
  4. Financial (28%)
  5. Social Media (27%)
Top social media platform for marketing/customer support:
  1. Facebook (32%)
  2. Twitter (20%)
  3. LinkedIn (20%)
Biggest roadblocks for fully harnessing data (percent respondents):
  1. Insufficient integration (45%)
  2. Data-quality maintenance (40%)
  3. Network/system performance maintenance (35%)
Other results:
  • 57% of respondents anticipate that data volume will increase 25% during the next 12 to 18 months.
  • 56% of respondents feel that easily connecting applications and data will allow staff more time to work on other business initiatives.
  • 33% of respondents say they’ll implement at least four SaaS/cloud applications during the next two years.
  • 42% of respondents plan to incorporate cloud solutions to address integration needs.

Be sure to check out the complete presentation here.

Mock Gartner Quads and a Movie

Strangely, my 2 year old slept in this morning so I fired up Twitter and immediately clicked through to these two posts – both equally funny and scary to think about at the same time.

  1. Enterprise Irregulars: Variations on Hype Quadrants.. no Magic Hype… no, Hype Cycle.. or is it Magic Quadrant?
  2. BusinessCloud9: Hollywood Plans The Movie

Ok, my son is now up but I don’t think either of these need much commentary. Good stuff!

Enjoy your weekend.

The Role of Social Data in the Enterprise

Informatica‘s Chris Boorman posted his thoughts on the “ability to pull in data from the world of social media to understand more about our customers and prospects.” His blog post, Embracing Social Data Within The Enterprise, focuses on both cloud data integration and Master Data Management and provides examples of organizations that have blurred the lines between social and business data. His conclusion:

“From a data integration perspective this opens up a whole new world as companies look to gain competitive advantage and look to use this new world of data in previously un-thought of ways!”

Check out the blog post here and this video of Chris speaking about the role of social data in the enterprise:

…and here’s a demo of pretty cool cloud integration use case showing the ability to pull Twitter data into Salesforce CRM.

Informatica Cloud Takes the Main Stage at Informatica World

Yesterday I posted a summary of some of the cloud integration activity going on at Informatica World 2010 (#IW2010). What I didn’t mention is the main stage demonstration this morning that featured the cloud integration service running on an iPad and loading, validating, and synchronizing unstructured data from spreadsheets and Twitter feeds with Salesforce CRM. The easy-to-use-Informatica Cloud interface is getting a lot of attention for the self-service data integration possibilities. Here’s Mr. Ron Lunasin in action. I’ll post the video as soon as it’s available.

Informatica Cloud Demonstration

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