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A Not So Anti-Social Enterprise IT Message

I attended Cloudforce San Francisco last week and was quite impressed with how the Social Enterprise message has been refined and strengthened since Dreamforce. As always at a Salesforce event, top customers were in the spotlight, telling their stories about the business impact of CRM applications and the cloud platform. What was different at this Cloudforce was the representation from senior levels of IT on the main stage and the focus on the importance of cloud integration to Social Enterprise success.

Check a couple of these headlines and quotes: Makes Friends With CIOs

“Benioff is sounding uncharacteristically cautious as he lays out his expansion plans because the enterprise door, formerly shut, is opening to Salesforce’s SaaS approach. And instead of the sales staff, now it’s the IT leaders often who are the ones opening it.”

A Barb-less Benioff? Grows Up

“Rather than blasting Oracle (ORCL) as a ‘false cloud’ provider or taking swipes at SAP as a dinosaur, CEO Marc Benioff extended olive branches to those rivals. In his keynote, he talked about ‘coexisting’ with those companies, stressing the need for ‘deep integration’ between’s products and the widely deployed software.” 

Here’s the @benioff’s Cloudforce keynote:



Did Larry Ellison Forget to Read @Benioff’s Book?

I’ve been attending Oracle Open World all week and tracking the hashtag #oow11 on Twitter and I have to say both pale in comparison to Dreamforce 2011 in terms of energy, excitement and buzz. Until last night, when Marc Benioff tweeted that Larry had cancelled his keynote. The gloves came off and the tweet stream came alive.

Yes, the irony of student becoming teacher has not gone unnoticed in the twittersphere/blogosphere (or whatever the kids are calling it these days).

Yes, Salesforce runs on Oracle’s database, but in the direct CRM and PaaS channel, the two companies are direct competitors.

All Larry Ellison had to do was pick up Benioff’s book – Behind the Cloud and he would have noted Play #22 (and subsequently #23 and #24). It outlines many of the tactics deployed to successfully win the battle against Siebel back in the day (before they were acquired by Oracle). Going beyond the well-publicized protests (which he has also organized today), Benioff:

“Ran an ad against Seibel with a “Don’t get bullied” theme with a boy writing on the chalkboard, “I will not give my lunch money to Siebel” and “I will not spend my summer vacation installing Siebel.”

In the book he recommends that you, “Hit balls over the net to your competitors. By Siebel acknowledging, they legitimized them.  The tail wagged the dog.”

Well it appears today that the dog is once again being wagged.

Check out how @benioff has dealt with the cancellation on Twitter – his keynote could still trump Oracle’s cloud session later in the day. Well played, sir!

You can watch Marc Benioff’s keynote live from the hotel next door or follow the streaming video here. As he says, The Cloud Must Go On!

Your move Larry…

AppExchange Momentum Highlighted at Cloudforce

I’ve read a few good reviews of yesterday’s #cloudforce developer event in San Jose, but I haven’t seen any mention of one of the more interesting metrics that was displayed in Marc Benioff’s keynote:  since its inception, AppExchange partners have generated over $350 million in revenue. I thought it was a pretty impressive number and worth sharing.
Appexchange partner revenue

Here are a couple of reviews of the conference, which was not surprisingly dominated by Salesforce Chatter:

Thanks to the Salesforce team for a great event. The energy (as always) was fantastic and it was great to catch up with friends, customers, and partners in the vibrant ecosystem. And did I mention how much interest there was in the topic of cloud data integration?

Rants on the Cloud

With a shout-out to General Larry Platt and his +3M hits on YouTube, my friend @Nenshad for tweeting the line overheard at Oracle recently, Mr. Marc Benioff for taking more shots at Oracle and SAP in this Information Week article, and of course Mr. Larry Ellison’s now famous “cloud is water vapor” rant, here’s my version of the “Rants on the Cloud.”

Rants on the Cloud

Pants on the Ground

Rants on the cloud
Rants on the cloud
Lookin’ like a fool with rants on the cloud
Investing in hardware
Software on the ground, making lots of noise with your rants on the cloud
Call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool
Trying to ignore the market shift to the cloud
Move  it up!!
HEY! Stop your rants on the cloud
Lookin like a fool, walkin talking
With your on-premise implementations on the ground.
Move it up!
Hey get your hardware and software off the ground,
Lookin’ like a fool not investigating the benefits of the cloud.
Maybe too much hype
But enterprise software’s turned sideways, and yes the noise is getting loud
But don’t call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool
Lookin’ like a fool with your rants on the cloud.
Anyone want to record it?

Cloud Futures: Marc Benioff CEO of at Google Atmosphere

To get a sense of what’s in store at Dreamforce 2009, here’s Marc Benioff presenting at Google’s Atmosphere. (BTW, how many times do you think he’s presented the Safe Harbor slide?)

“Grab the Cloud brass ring and run with it!”
“It’s a marriage, it’s not a one night stand!”


Salesforce and Oracle Integration?

While I hear that they were giving away Mini Cooper’s at their booth, it doesn’t sound like having Marc Benioff present at Oracle Open World yesterday resulted in the fireworks some had expected. This article, “Salesforce Chief Trades Barbs for Larry’s Love” provides a good overview and makes the following claim to highlight the importance of back-office integration to CRM success:

Half of transactions are integration transactions with software such as Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP, running in the old world of desktop and server.”

Does this mean we’ll see Larry Ellison at Dreamforce next month? Somehow I doubt it.

You can follow Oracle Open World on Twitter here and here. This post also provides a few predictions (and an interesting poll about possible CRM solution outcomes).

Speaking of Salesforce to Oracle integration

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