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More 2013 Technology Predictions

I posted a few cloud data management predictions on the Informatica Perspectives blog this week:

  1. Master Data Management will catch fire in the cloud
  2. Cloud deployment options will extend the universal reach of MDM
  3. Integration will help broaden PaaS adoption
  4. “Governed self-service” will become the Hybrid IT mantra
  5. Integration will surpass security as the primary barrier to cloud adoption in the enterprise

For the first time in a few years I didn’t mention anything about cloud-based analytics / business intelligence. In fact, I didn’t mention much about Social, Mobile, Analytics or Big Data. Seems like there’s not much more to say, beyond pointing to Mary Meekers technology forecast.

I must admit that I didn’t see this week’s Oracle acquisition of Eloqua coming. I thought Marketo would be a more likely target. In fact, that was the rumor circulating back at Dreamforce 2012. IDC predicts more aggressive spending on SaaS acquisitions by traditional enterprise software vendors in 2013. Here are the IDC Predictions: Competing on the 3rd Platform:


Embedded Cloud Integration and the 3 V’s of SaaS Applications

I recorded an interview recently as part of the Cloud Channel Summit in Mountain View.  Industry analyst Jeff Kaplan from THINKstrategies posted his views on the event here and here.  In my interview I talk about the need for SaaS application and platform (PaaS) providers to either build, buy or partner when it comes to cloud integration. Everyone talks about the 3 V’s when it comes to Big Data. My belief is that IT organizations are equally overwhelmed with the volume, variety and velocity of SaaS applications coming into the enterprise.  This is why the topic of cloud integration will continue to it’s rise in relevance and strategic importance in 2013.

The 2012 Future of Cloud Computing Survey Results @mjskok

Cloud computing icon

Cloud computing icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A colleague of mine just sent me the 2012 Future of Cloud Computing Survey results from the venture capital firm North Bridge.  There were 785 survey respondents, which included a mix of line of business, CXO, IT and other. 65% of of the respondents were vendors and 35% were customers, which may skew the results to cloud, but the results are aligned with research from IDC, Gartner and other industry analyst firms.

A few of the results that my colleague highlighted as noteworthy (and I agree) are:

  1. 75% of SW will be developed using PaaS in 2017
  2. Confidence in Cloud for mission critical up from 13% in their 2011 survey to 50% in their 2012 survey
  3. Consistent with IDC’s forecast, around 85% of all new SW will be delivered via Cloud (SaaS)
  4. 55% of CIOs will increase spending in SaaS in 2012
  5. Only 3% of respondents view Cloud as too risky (10% last year)
  6. Venture investment in Cloud grew by 50% 2010-2011 to $2.4B

Do you agree with the results? Any naysayers still out there? With quotes from SAP included in the presentation, clearly hybrid is the new black

Great job Michael J Skok for putting together a very nice presentation of your data. I’d have embedded it here, but it doesn’t seem to be enabled for the presentation in Slideshare.

Integration Platform as a Service Announced

Image representing Informatica as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

Last week Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 was announced. The company’s award-winning multi-tenant integration service now processes more than 1 billion cloud integration transactions per day and this release introduces a Cloud Connector Toolkit and Cloud Integration Templates that will be be available in a new Developer Edition.

Gartner analyst Yefim Natis has this to say about the growing significance of integration platform as a service (iPaaS):

“Gartner expects iPaaS adoption to grow significantly during the next five years. Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) can provide a foundation for hybrid cloud computing, engaging old and new applications and data, on-premises and in the cloud. iPaaS is a key component of any comprehensive cloud application infrastructure offering and an essential requirement for future leadership in PaaS markets by any vendor.”

You can read more about the Informatica Cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) components on the Perspectives blog and read some of the coverage here. I’ve also embedded the webinar we delivered on the release below:


Survey: Organizations Champion Cloud Technology to Gain Competitive Edge and Maintain Growth

I was on a call with an industry analyst this week who had this to say about cloud computing:

“The cloud is a big fluffy thing that moves around – same with Cloud Computing.”

He went on do define SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Thank you very much.

While Marc Benioff is now going a step further by saying that the cloud is passe and the future is the social enterprise (“I’m sorry for those of you who didn’t make it into the cloud – we’ve moved on.” ), based on this research it sounds like for most organizations the cloud is very real in 2011. Only 7% of 1,500 private and public sector organisations surveyed in the UK said that cloud technology did not form any part of their IT strategy. Also:

  • Three quarters (76 per cent) believe that moving their IT to the cloud will help to create a technology platform that powers more creative services
  • Over two thirds (73 per cent) cited enabling greater business capability as a key consideration when developing cloud strategies
“A hybrid model that combines cloud and on-premise technology offers the best of both worlds, allowing organisations to quickly benefit from cloud innovation while ensuring that data fragmentation across cloud and on-premise IT systems does not inhibit success. The first step toward doing that is to have a clear integration plan in place. “

Data Integration in the Cloud

 “Personally, I look forward to better and easier cloud integration. Our systems folks are offsite in another state and getting anything done these days is like an exercise in frustration! I know we have data we want to utilize outside of our systems, but securely. Cloud integration that could guarantee the security and not have us investing in the hardware to support it would be a big help.”

This feedback to a post by Informatica’s Ron Papas called, “Understanding Cloud Integration” (along with +20 5-star AppExchange reviews) has got me thinking a lot about the opportunity to deliver data integration as an on-demand service. Ron outlines three types of technologies and approaches for cloud integration:

  1. Traditional enterprise software
  2. Integration tools hosted “in the cloud” (a la Amazon EC2)
  3. Integration as a service (see video below for a nice explanaition of cloud computing)

This blog will focus primarily on #3 as well as the surrounding trends in the business software market

But wait, isn’t data integration a complex topic? And isn’t software as a service (SaaS) all about simplicity and ease of use? Yes and yes. Sounds like a great opportunity to me…

I’m looking forward to the discussion and hope you’ll join in.

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