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Informatica Cloud Winter 2012 in Action

This week Informatica announced the 11th release of Informatica Cloud. Featuring a new Contact Validation Service, expanded cloud connectivity and many new enterprise features. I summarized the importance of the announcement to the company, customers and partners on the Perspective blog and we hosted a webinar reviewing the new capabilities here. Here’s the recording.


Salesforce Integration Customer Success

We all know how important positive customer reviews can be (for both both buyers and sellers). With so much focus these days on social media and its impact on brand management, I thought I’d take a minute to share some great AppExchange reviews for data integration as a cloud service. You can read more here.

salesforce integration appexchange

Dreamforce to You Delivers in Orlando

I spent the weekend at a great user group meeting in Orlando called Dreamforce 2 You. The event lived up to its name and did a great job of bringing the energy (and a few video highlights) from the annual San Francisco CRM and conference to the local community. The agenda was user-driven and I thought nicely representative of what’s top of mind for most Salesforce customers:

  1. Success Out-Of-The-Box
  2. Data Management: There’s gold in them details (my session)
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Deep Dive into Reporting, Analytics, and Dashboards
  5. SFA: Automation = Automagical to you and your users
  6. Developing in the Cloud

Thank you and congratulations to the team who put the mini-Dreamforce conference together (Joshua, Jen and Jackie). It truly was the best Salesforce user group meeting I’ve attended with a great mix of customers, partners, Salesforce employees and of course content.

In the data management session, I focused on:

  1. The importance of data integration to Salesforce customer success
  2. The different data integration options available to Salesforce customers
  3. What to look for in a cloud data integration solution

Here is the first section of the presentation. Be sure to let me know if you have any feedback or questions.


Salesforce Chatter ERP Integration with Informatica Cloud

Check out this video of Informatica Cloud updating Chatter with order status information from an on-premise Oracle ERP application.

Video: Integration Overview

Want to know how positions cloud integration? Here’s a brief overview:

Cloud Integration Webinar: and SAP

Last week I participated in an Informatica Cloud webinar focused on the best practices for integrating Salesforce CRM and SAP. We discussed these two critical steps when it comes to planning your back-office integration with

  1. Begin with the Business Process in Mind
  2. Determine the Right Approach

Not surprisingly, we spent quite a bit of time discussing the pros and cons of staging vs. direct application integration. It’s a topic that these two posts goes into in detail:

You can watch the recorded webinar here and I’ve posted the slides and demo below:

Cloud Integration: Not Just Hosted Software

Dan Niemann, VP or Sales and Business Development for the Informatica Cloud, makes some solid points about a true software as a service application not simply being “a hosted version of software” in this  CBR article:

“To me SaaS is as much about ease of use and who consumes it as it is about the infrastructure. Without hardware to install and configure, more people can consume software, that’s why has been so successful – more people can consume their software and IT is no longer a bottleneck. We’ve taken that design paradigm to heart.”
“The only other vendor that has cloud-based integration has taken a traditional usage paradigm and is basically delivering lines and boxes and complex middleware just in a cloud environment and I think that is undervaluing the promise of cloud computing.

See the post “If it’s not Multitenant it’s not Really SaaS” for a good discussion on this topic. You can read the entire article here.

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