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What’s Next for Cloud Data Integration?

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Here’s a video of Juan Carlos Soto, GM of Informatica Cloud and B2B Technologies talking about the company’s three-pronged cloud integration strategy. This is also outlined in this Ovum report.


Zuora Powers Usage-Based Cloud Integration Service

My friends at Zuora put out a press release today focused on Informatica’s use of their subscription billing platform within the new edition of the company’s cloud data integration service: Informatica Cloud Express. According to Ron Papas, GM for Informatica Cloud:

“ gave us the platform and ecosystem to build our SaaS business around. Now with Zuora, we have the right commerce tools to instrument our business for growth and provide our customers with the self-service capabilities to buy only the cloud data integration services they need when they need them.”

Jeff Yoshimura, VP of Marketing at Zuora wrote a good review of the announcement based on his experiences as a former Salesforce employee managing the Informatica partnership (Full disclosure: we worked on the same team):  Informatica Revolutionizes the Data Integration Space with Cloud Computing. The company also posted a customer video, featuring yours truly. Enjoy!


The Top 500 Data Blogs

Check out this great list of the top 500 blogs that cover topics related to business intelligence, data management, data integration, SOA, cloud computing and the like. I’ve read many of them, but there are many that I hadn’t and have enjoyed since reading the post. Congrats to the top 10. They are:


I’m proud to say that this blog (In(tegrate) the Clouds) came it at #386. As cloud integration continues to gain momentum, I hope to see this ranking rise in the coming months.

Thanks for reading!

Integration’s Role in Software Selection for Cloud/SaaS

Thanks to @PaulRessler for tweeting this article today: Proper Software Selection for Cloud/SaaS: Analyst Tips. It looks like the author comes from EVAL source, an organization I had not heard of prior to reading the post. Not surprisingly, I was drawn to the points made about cloud integration:

Integration is still a key issue when integrating a cloud solution into your IT/services mix. Organizations are using the cloud for adding a new system or service, or using the cloud to integrate existing systems with new services. By using the cloud as a platform to integrate disparate systems this approach provides key infrastructure that you do not have to build which saves time and money and lowers overhead costs.  As with any technology purchase due diligence still must be completed as the same obstacles of implementation, data migration, training, change management and project management must occur for a cloud integration to be successful.

There is also an acknowledgement of the “shift in buying behaviour which includes security, integration, business agility and TCO” when it comes to selecting the right cloud/SaaS solution. This is a topic I’ve covered in a number of posts here and on the Informatica Perspectives blog:

New Informatica Cloud Community – Join the Conversation!

With over 1300 companies running Informatica Cloud, it’s not surprising that a very active community has developed around the popular cloud data integration service.

If you’re interested in learning more, best practices, tips and tricks, getting started videos, more advanced topics and networking with other users, be sure to join today. And if you’re generally interested in cloud-based integration as a service and Informatica Cloud, here are a few other community resources:

Tapping Into the Value of Your Cloud Application Data

Whether your a sales operations manager, analyst, CRM administrator or information architect, integrating cloud application data with other sources for reporting and analysis across systems has become a critical business requirement. The challenge with traditional data integration approaches is the frequency of change to the cloud application data model. How many new custom fields or objects did you add to Salesforce today? What was IT’s role in the change management process? How long were you willing to wait for your data integration scripts to be updated?

As one Salesforce customer put it in this AppExchange review:

“With a product like, which gives you so much power to do quick database configuration changes, you need a product like Informatica Cloud to give you that same agility on the data integration side. What good is being able to add a new field in to in just minutes if it takes months to get the data you want in to that field? For us, Informatica Cloud has all but eliminated that problem.”

Even Informatica’s own IT organization recognized the value of a cloud-based data replication service. According to Peter Vanderhaak,

“Once we realized how robust and easy to use Informatica Cloud could be, the following day we had a replication job moving data into a test data warehouse target – capturing incremental data changes and easily adaptable against an ever changing Salesforce data model. This would have taken weeks of development effort in a constantly changing SFA environment in the middle of a project that was still determining what fields and objects to create. Additionally, the ongoing maintenance would have caused major headaches and increased run-rate costs.

Well today I noticed this 5-star AppExchange review and I thought it was worth sharing:

Isn’t time you looked to see if cloud data replication might help you better tap into the value of your data?

Informatica Cloud Overview: Data Integration as a Service

Here’s an introduction to Informatica Cloud from Ron Lunasin, Director of Product Management.

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