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Still Stuggling with SaaS Silos?

Got SaaS? Salesforce? ServiceNow? Workday? Zuora? Amazon Redshift?

What about on-premises apps? SAP? Oracle? Microsoft Dynamics?

Don’t forget social media, big data, identity management, online storage and cloud analytics solutions…

I summarized 5 signs you need to re-think your cloud integration strategy on the SnapLogic blog today. Here’s an overview:


SaaS Videos from a Couple of #Cloud Gurus

Check out two great new videos posted by my friends at Host Analytics.

1) Dave Kellogg, who is now an Enterprise Irregular, talks about the SaaS model and why vendors are so focused on customer success. (And no, it’s not just that they’re nice people.)

2) Jeff Kaplan, who runs THINKstrategies and can usually be found speaking at a cloud conference or at an airport, talks about how the SaaS model has enabled IT organizations to play the strategic role they were meant to play in the enterprise. He also makes a stinging point about on-premises vendors hosting crappy apps vs. investing in real, multitenant cloud services.

Good stuff guys!

Video: Unlock your SAP Back Office with

This demonstration  is a great example of the power of cloud integration.


Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Salesforce CRM and Oracle ERP #oow11

This week I participated in an Informatica Cloud webinar focused on a real-world customer example and demonstration of rapid cloud-based data integration between Salesforce CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite. Here is the presentation. You can also watch the entire webinar on YouTube.

#SIIA Interview from Dreamforce: Cloud Integration in the Spotlight

Here’s an interview from #df11 focused on cloud integration as well as industry trends. Interview: Talking Big Data and Cloud Computing

My interview with Dave Kellogg (aka Kellblog) was published today over on Big Data, Cloud Computing and Industry Perspectives with Dave Kellogg. I always enjoy catching up with Dave (especially if there’s a beer or two involved). In this interview he weighs in on Big Data and why it’s getting so much attention, the intersection between Big Data and Cloud Computing, and he even throws in some career advice – and it’s good news for any budding data scientists out there…

Here’s what Dave has to say about cloud integration:

“IT used to buy and run computers. Then they used to build and run applications. Then they focused on weaving together packaged applications. Going forward, they will focus on tightly integrating cloud-based services. They will also continue to focus on company-proprietary analytics used to gain competitive advantage.”

Be sure to check out the entire interview here.

Cloud Architect Anyone?

I thought this was interesting – why you need a cloud architect“It’s orchestral.”  Go Arthur!

I then took a look at’s trending of cloud architect vs. cloud integration. Looks like cloud integration is in even higher demand…

Speaking of cloud integration jobs, did I mention I’m hiring?

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