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Smarter Data Integration in 7 Steps

While it doesn’t specifically reference cloud integration, there’s a great checklist with some nice graphics on the ITBusinessEdge site called, “Smart Integration in Seven Steps.” Originally written about in this blog post by Loraine Lawson, this is definitely something that deserves to be shared, printed and/or posted on your wall. The seven steps are:

  1. Put It on Your Calendar
  2. Break Down IT Silos
  3. Invite the Business to Participate, Too
  4. Create an Integration Portfolio
  5. Form an Integration Competency Center
  6. Invest in Standards
  7. Invest in a Data Integration Platform

And if you want to dive into some of these topics, you might want to check out the Informatica 9 World Tour events in a city near year. It’s a great chance to hear best-practices and network with others that are at various stages of implementing these steps.


Breakfast in the Cloud

The Informatica 9 World Tour is underway and coming to a city near you. The keynote is at 9am, but we’re holding an exclusive “Breakfast in the Cloud” event before the day gets started to focus on the topic of data integration as service with detailed demonstrations of Informatica Cloud Services and the Informatica Cloud Platform. The focus is similar to the webinar we delivered last week to Informatica customers:  Cloud Platform PowerCenter Interoperability. To find out if we’ll be holding a “Breakfast in the Cloud” session in your city, check out the Events page of the Informatica Cloud website.

If you’re not familiar with the Informatica Cloud, here’s a presentation posted on Slideshare that might be useful:

The Defining Capability For Cloud Computing

Check out this post on the Perspectives Blog:  “Introducing Informatica Cloud 9 – The Defining Capability For Cloud Computing.”

This paragraph says it all:

“Cloud computing is re-defining IT and data integration needs to follow-suit.  It is data integration that will be THE defining capability for cloud computing – not outsourced datacenters, or sexy new application solutions.  So, to really embrace cloud computing, one needs a whole new way of delivering enterprise data integration that brings together the ease of use that business users require with the sophistication that must be delivered for IT architects. Otherwise cloud computing will simply remain the domain of non-critical fancy-looking applications on the periphery of true enterprise business requirements.”

 Be sure to read the entire post and share your comments here.

Powering the Data Driven Enterprise

Here’s the opening video from the Informatica 9 announcement. Good stuff!

Do You Have Good Data Integration Breadth?

I had an interesting conversation recently with an IT executive who outlined the importance of “breadth” when it comes to choosing a data integration platform. As he explained his multiple use cases beyond traditional ETL and data warehousing, he stressed the need to avoid point solutions and instead look for a true platform that will grow with you as your requirements evolve and more and more computing inevitably moves to the cloud.

Here is what made his data integration “breadth” so good:

  • Breadth of connectivity (said he could just about connect to smoke signals!)
  • Breadth of projects (data synch, migration, replication, quality, etc.)
  • Breadth of users (metadata-driven graphical UI for developers, non-technical interface for SaaS admins in the cloud, etc.)

Speaking of good data hygiene, are you ready for the big launch? As of Tuesday November 10th:

  • Business and IT will finally be on the same page.
  • Data quality issues will be a thing of the past.
  • The promise of SOA will finally be realized.

Now that’s seriously good data integration breadth! Be sure to register here.

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