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The SOA, ROI, VIP: Greg the Architect

Am I the only one who hadn’t heard of Greg the Architect until today? This is pretty funny stuff. The marketing guy and his iScream is particularly good.


Informatica Cloud in Action: Partner XML Integration into

Here’s a cool Informatica Cloud demonstration showing quick and easy data synchronization between an XML file and Salesforce CRM. The scenario is of a business partner XML file that needs to be integrated into the CRM Account object. For more cloud integration examples, be sure to check out the working beta of the Informatica Marketplace.

2010 Prediction: On-Premise Integration will Drive SaaS Adoption

David Linticum has weighed in with his Intelligent Enterprise prediction post – What’s in Store for SaaS in 2010? He makes some interesting comments about cloud outages, data leakage, and office automation. His 2nd major trend is all about the importance data integration to SaaS success:

Second, we will see better integration with on-premise systems, which will drive much of the movement to SaaS in 2010.  A major issue with those looking at SaaS is how to sync data stored within SaaS providers with their existing on-premise systems. While this has been a focus of most data integration players, the solutions have not clicked with most of those moving to SaaS, and many are far too convoluted and expensive. However, in 2010 the value of this technology will be better understood, and the prices will fall as efficiency and speed-to-deployment increase.”

I also saw a tweet today from a Gartner conference, “by 2014, 75% of integration to cloud will be through pre-packaged solutions.” Makes sense to me.

So whether it’s Opportunty to Order, Account, Customer, or Product Master,  Pricebooks, Invoices, Contracts or just about any type of SaaS/Cloud integration process requirement, here are a few resources to help you avoid SaaS Islands in the Stream in 2010: 

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