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Getting Ready for 2011 Predictions

Last year, when it comes to cloud integration, Informatica made the following prediction:

“Cloud Data Integration will eclipse both security and availability to be the defining capability that drives Cloud Computing success.”

Well, after a busy year which saw IBM acquire CastIron and Dell acquire Boomi, clearly we weren’t alone in our thinking. I’ll post some 2011 predictions shortly (kind of busy with a little event called Dreamforce at the moment, amongst other things), but I wanted to point you to a great post from Mr. CRM, Paul Greenberg: Looking Back at 2010 – In 2010. When it comes to cloud / CRM integration, he makes the following points:

“Companies are looking to integrate to provide best of breed solutions since most companies – technology companies that is – are realizing that they can’t do it alone.”


“But the social vendors like Lithium, Radian6 etc. are all realizing that they need to integrate with traditional CRM systems and InsideView continued its relentless drive to integrate with everything including the basil plants that are growing inside varying foodies homes – and they’ve been a happy success accordingly with integrations to most of the CRM standards out there.”

Be sure to check out the full post here.


CRM Smackdown: Oracle vs.

Benioff vs. Ellison smackdownPaul Greenberg published a great review of Oracle OpenWorld today (sessions = good; keynotes = really bad).  He includes some of the main Ellison vs. Benioff sideshow highlights and provides some good details on Oracle’s CRM roadmap. CRM Market Analyst Lauren Carlson takes it step further with a summary of each vendor’s capabilities in her post: Oracle OpenWorld CRM Smackdown.  She also includes an interesting survey, which is still open for input. She poses the questions:

1) Who do you view as the leader in CRM?

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Other:
2) Will Oracle acquire
  • Yes
  • No
3) Who’s more full of it?
  • Benioff
  • Ellison
  • It’s a tie.

You can take the survey here. The results will be interesting.

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