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Data Replication as a Cloud Integration Service

Last week the Informatica Cloud monthly webinar focused on Data Replication as a Service. The discussion was centered around the growing importance of data replication as part of a cloud application strategy and summarized three critical steps:

  1. Determine your use case. Potential data replication as a service use cases include compliance, archiving, reporting and analysis, and enterprise data warehousing.
  2. Identify specific objects and columns. Instead of replicating all objects and columns, can you take advantage of incremental loads, changed data capture, eliminate deletions, etc.
  3. Establish a replication schedule. While batch data movement is critical for backup, an operational reporting use case may require near real time.

Many of the questions were about on-premise to on-premise use cases:

  • Can you move data from an Oracle database to a file (and vice versa)? Yes!
  • Does the use case have to be focused on a Cloud application like No!

You can view the presentation here and download a best practice data integration as a service for whitepaper here.


Three Ways to Improve Cloud Data Governance

I wrote about Cloud Data Governance on the Informatica Perspectives blog this week. My recommendations for IT organizations dealing with what Dave Linthicum refers to as “Technological Infidelity” include:

  • Establish an Integration Competency Center  Shared Services Model
  • Investigate Lean Integration
  • Develop a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy

The full post is here:  Will Data Governance Slow Down Or Accelerate Cloud Adoption?


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