Phase Two Cloud Integration

Interesting article in InformationWeek today called Practical Analysis:  How to Lead in Cloud Adoption. It’s a summary of a recent panel that featured Informatica’s CIO Tony Young and James Barrese, who’s the VP of Architecture, Platforms and Systems at eBay. Sounds like it was a wide-ranging discussion about all things cloud. This paragraph is particularly relevant to the topic of cloud data integration:

“For both panelists, there were other concerns for maturity. One that I found particularly interesting is the way many SaaS vendors sell their products–convincing line of business owners of their product’s value by demonstrating whizbang user interfaces and cool features, while essentially daring the IT department to stop the sale with their esoteric concerns like data integration capabilities, user management, and data security models (you know the little stuff). The threat of this sort of adoption alone should make IT execs very amenable to discussions about adopting SaaS applications. Better to help vet them upfront than to try to unseat them after the fact.”

I wrote about a phenomenon I call “phase two cloud integration” in this post:  The Dangers of Delaying Cloud Integration. Possible reasons for delaying integration in the initial phases of a SaaS application roll out include:

  1. SaaS application sales reps want to check the integration box and avoid slowing the deal down with potentially complex integration discussions
  2. Prospects are told that data migration, synchronization and replication are easy thanks to a few free tools, Excel spreadsheets, and a Web Services API
  3. LOB either doesn’t have technical resources or simply don’t want to have to get IT involved as they’ll slow things down

With all of the talk about the importance of data integration in the era of cloud computing, I think we’re going to see the role of integration (and even IT) change and evolve. Stay tuned…


4 Responses to “Phase Two Cloud Integration”

  1. 1 Geoff 2010/03/16 at 2:38 pm

    Great post! I really like getting IT on-board on the buy side early. That’s really the way it should go. Agree.

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