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Marc Benioff and Eric Schmidt Dreamforce Keynote

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There are a lot of great post-Dreamforce write-ups coming out this week as we all deal with a little withdrawl from a fantastic event. Here are a few of the best I’ve seen so far:

…my highlights include the Informatica Cloudy Awards reception – a topic I’ll write about tomorrow on the Informatica Perspectives blog, Metallica (although, I do believe holding up iPads to record concert footage is going a bit far), catching up with and networking with so many great cloud / Salesforce gurus, the #DF11 tweet stream, the number of times @benioff said “Amazing”, and Eric Schmidt (a session I have to admit that I missed, but took the time to watch on YouTube.)
I’ve embedded the Schmidt video below, as I feel it contains great wisdom and insight on a wide ranging set of topics from an industry legend. It’s definitely worth watching.
Thanks to Salesforce for a fantastic event. You know how to put on a great show!

Informatica Marketplace Overview

Informatica recently announced that the Informatica Cloud Mall now includes 45 Informatica Cloud plug-ins, including Salesforce Chatter, Eloqua, Netsuite, Quickbooks SAP, TAM, Ticketmaster, TruckMate and Xactly. Here’s an overview of the Informatica Marketplace:

Were the Chatter Ads Good for

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I started this discussion on Quora: Were the Chatter Ads Good for If nothing else, people are talking about it on Monday morning. While I have to admit, I watched the Super Bowl with my family this year and my Dad, visiting from Toronto and not exactly a tech maven, asked me about two ads:

  • “What’s Chatter?”
  • “What’s Go Daddy?”

Admittedly, he’s also not a huge Black Eyed Peas fan, so the entire half-time fell a bit flat at my house. That said, the ads were short and fast and even the Republican vs. Democrat imagery of the second commercial was lost on someone with whom I just spent the weekend debating.

I’m now interested in two things:

  1. How the impact of the marketing spend will ultimately be measured: Will there be mass registrations on this week? Will consumers drag Chatter into the Enterprise? What will the Chatter pull-through be for Salesforce CRM and
  2. How will Quora be used for intelligent dialog and not simply a forum for Salesforce haters?

Full disclosure: We use Chatter on the Informatica Cloud team and love it. You can read the case study here.

Quora discussion. If you missed the ads, I’ve posted them below.

Salesforce CRM 2011 Predictions

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Better late than never, Alex Dayon from weighs in with his 2011 CRM predictions. He predicts 3 major trends emerging this year:

  1. Increased importance of social networking
  2. Enterprise collaboration (as highlighted in this preview for the upcoming Salesforce Chatter Super Bowl ad)
  3. Broader business intelligence dashboards and decision making

Today is the last day of the fiscal year for my friends at Salesforce. I suspect many of them are now busy at work on their FY2012 V2MOM.

Congratulations to the AppExchange 2010 Best of Winners

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Image via CrunchBase announced the 2010 AppExchange “Best of” Award winners today. They also posted a video to celebrate their 5 year anniversary.

This year’s winners are:

  • Best ChatterExchange App: FedEx Shipping with Chatter
  • Best Contract Management App: EchoSign E-Signature
  • Best Dashboard or Report: FunnelSource
  • Best Data Cleansing Tool: CountryComplete
  • Best Data Integration App: Informatica Cloud
  • Best Human Resources & Recruiting App: Jobscience Recruiting
  • Best Marketing Automation App: Marketo Marketing Automation
  • Best Mass Email App: iContact for Salesforce
  • Best Productivity Tool: Email Integration for Salesforce from iHance
  • Best Quoting App: BigMachines Configurator, Quotes, Pricing & Proposals
  • Best Survey App: Clicktools Surveys & Scripts

This recognition is based on quality and quantity of customer reviews during the year. Congratulations to all of the winners! (Here’s more information on each vendor and their winning app.)

And here’s the video…

Interactive History of CRM Software

As we get ready for Dreamforce 2010, I thought I’d share an interesting interactive CRM Software History posted on the Software Advice blog. According to the author, “the timeline includes 18 key events that have shaped the CRM software industry over the last 30 years. It’s a quick way to understand the context of current events in the industry.”

It’s a work in progress, but a few quick observations:

  • Anyone remember
  • What about Upshot?
  • No mention of Siebel OnDemand or now Oracle OnDemand
  • No mention of many of the Salesforce innovations post 1999:  AppExchange,, Apex Code, $1B in revenues, Chatter….
  • Is Social CRM ready to be included or is it not quite ready for prime time?
  • Sweet picture of Tom Siebel in 1993
  • Speaking of Siebel, the positioning of their acquisition by Oracle is pretty harsh:

“With little light at the end of the tunnel, Siebel agrees to become the next addition to Oracle’s pile of acquired enterprise applications.”

Siebel wiped out by Oracle. CRM timeline.

What else is missing? What’s next? What are your thoughts? Accurate timeline or a bit of revisionist history?

You can view the CRM Software History timeline here.

Salesforce Chatter ERP Integration with Informatica Cloud

Check out this video of Informatica Cloud updating Chatter with order status information from an on-premise Oracle ERP application.

Overheard in the Dreamforce Chat Stream…

If you’re going to Dreamforce 2010, you need to register right away to experience a new level of conference collaboration and community. It really is amazing. You can join and create groups and instantly interact with like-minded customers, partners, prospects and of course Salesforce employees. The implementation of Chatter has truly made it like Facebook for the vast Salesforce community and ecosystem. Kudos to Tom Wong and the Dreamforce team for adding a ton of value to the conference well before people actually arrive!

So why the plug for Dreamforce Chatter, you ask? Well, I thought I’d share a few discussions from today that are relevant to topics frequently discussed on the In(tegrate) the Clouds blog.

1) In response to this article: Marketing Technologies Bypass IT (posted by Kendall Collins, CMO @ Salesforce), the following comment was made:

“Most Marketers have never bought infrastructure and don’t have the experience required to deploy game changing technology. Easy-to-use, inexpensive and quick to deploy become the decision criteria versus secure, reliable, scalable, customizable, integrateable, adaptable to our business process, global reach, post sale support, education, proven results, financial viability, experience, best pratice expertise and innovation.”

This response certainly highlights the on-going cloud politics that exist in many organizations. Memories of the early days of “no software” anyone?

2) Speaking of different perspectives, this one struck me:

“I’m starting to think that interoperability, rather than integration, will be the next leap.”

I think this is a topic for another post, but my quick take on it is that I don’t think it’s a question of either / or.  With growing adoption of cloud-based services, there will continue to be a need for composite mashups with single sign-on, etc. but the need for the illusive “one truth” across systems doesn’t go away.  In terms of enterprise architecture trends, there is growing demand for SOA-based data services that incorporate data federation and data quality technologies with more traditional approaches to data integration. There’s also increased demand for flexible approaches to master data management (MDM). How much of MDM moves the to cloud over time will be interesting to follow – see poll results on this topic here.

But I digress…

My point is that if you’re going to be in San Francisco from December 6th-9th, I encourage you to join the Dreamforce conversation today! It truly is tradeshow 2.0.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Down with Appliances, Up with the Clouds! blog

Somehow I missed that introduced a corporate blog: The Cloud Blog. The tagline is, “An Industry View with an Attitude” and it it looks like Peter Coffee and Steve Gillmor won’t be the only bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, Peter is great (and prolific) and Steve is a TechCrunch legend, but I have never seen a blog post from Parker Harris or John Taschek. I’ve seen many articles written by Marc Benioff,  but not an unfiltered blog post. This should definitely be one to follow!

Speaking of Peter Coffee, he pulled no punches in this post: “Appliance” is Abdication.  I wrote about the topic a few months ago and thought “appliance reliance” was good – this is better! Some highlights from the post include:

  • “Putting cloudish code in local hardware will not give you a real cloud, any more than sailing a boat in your bathtub will prepare you to compete in the America’s Cup.”

From a cloud integration perspective, this seems like a shot at shot at IBM to me.  I’m just saying.

  • “Market forces will require, and economies of scale will enable, the true cloud providers to maintain a pace of improvement that local resources will not be able to sustain.”

Meanwhile, the multitenancy debate rages on over on the Enterprise Irregulars site thanks to an initial post from Josh Greenbaum. I’m with Phil W. Here are my thoughts on the importance of multitenancy.

  • “The same companies that promote their appliances today are the ones that tried to marginalize the entire cloud model only two or three years ago. Their goal is to minimize their own pain, not to maximize their customers’ success.”

Strong words from a great writer! Clearly the bar is set high for the other Cloudblog bloggers. I’m looking forward to what they have to say on this and other topics. Stay tuned…

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