10 Guiding Principles of Cloud Computing

JP Rangaswami

Image by jdlasica via Flickr

I enjoyed this post by JP Rangaswami on the Salesforce Cloudblog:  You *can* take it with you: musing about cloud principles.

  1. Transparency
  2. Use Limitation
  3. Disclosure
  4. Security Management System
  5. Customer Security Features
  6. Data Location
  7. Breach Notification
  8. Audit
  9. Data Portability
  10. Accountability

The post originally appeared on his popular blog and has generated 46 comments so far. My favorite so far is this one:

“There should probably be 3 choices for location:

  1. My data must be kept here (e.g. Switzerland, for regulatory purposes).
  2. My data must not be kept there (e.g. US because I fear NSLs).
  3. I don’t care where my data is kept.”
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